Monday, February 13, 2006

Monday evening spinning class...

Back during daylight savings time, the club planned two rides each week on Monday and Wednesday. On Mondays, we rode up to Sycamore and back. This ride covered about 16 miles and usually was slower paced. Wednesday's ride traveled out highway 148 to the top of Bull's Gap. This ride offered a little more difficulty. But once daylight saving time ended, there simply wasn't enough time to complete either ride. Rather than idle away the winter, we decided to continue to pedal but took the ride inside.

Since then, every Monday and Wednesday night at 7pm,we have been riding spinning bikes up at Sports First. By using a variety of music and DVD's, we put on a challenging workout. There are usually a few empty bikes.

You can make each workout as hard or easy as you like. We are looking forward to longer days and warmer temperatures so we can get back to our evening rides outdoors, but in the meantime we will keep our cycling muscles working! Come join in.