Friday, October 19, 2007

Roles and Responsibility: Lake Howard MB Trail

I stopped by Billy's today. He told me the plan is to get the trail cut early December. He showed me a list of responsibilities that will be split between the City and the Club. Here is an abbreviated list of the Club's responsibilites:

1. Maintain drainage (ditches)
2. Maintain culverts and bridges.
3. Obliteration of unauthorized trails.
4. Monitoring the trail for needs, safety, impact to resources
5. Re-vegetation or seeding.

The company they will be using did a great job on the lower part of the Pinhoti a couple of years ago. Still it will leave a lot of debris that will have to be cleared and trees and bushes will need to be trimmed back to open up the trail. In some places the bench for the trail can't be cut with the dozer so we will have to get in there and scratch it out with rakes and shovels. But once the trail is in place, these other things won't take up a lot of our time. The main thing that will keep the trail up is simply "riding it".

It looks like we'll end up with something to be proud of.