Wednesday, March 12, 2008

March Meeting

We had our March meeting last night at the Rec center. New officers were voted on. Tim Presley will be president for this year. Johnny Oliver will be vice-president. Bev Presley will be Treasurer. And Sara Saturday will be Secretary.

Billy Beane wasn't at the meeting but he sent an update on the Lake Trail. We are still scheduled for mid April for Trails Unlimited to begin work. Meanwhile some of our club members have been putting some time opening up some of those ancient logging roads to allow mountain bike access. They are hoping they can connect many of them and produce a loop of single track that will be accessible from the new Lake Trail and add miles to our trail rides. By the time they are here building the Lake Trail, they will have established a routine of trail work. Someone mentioned that he is enjoying opening up these new trails as much as riding them.

Almost all the details for the Metric Century are in place. We have everything for the event except the perishable products. Members have volunteered for the various duties. SAG has been set. It is just 1 month away. We are ready and looking forward to it.

Now that daylight saving time is back, it is time to have our regularly scheduled afternoon club rides again. Starting Monday, April 17th we will resume our weekly Monday and Wednesday rides starting from Vicious Cycle. See you all there.

I received compliments on the web log which were appreciated. I've opened up comments at the suggestion of some members.