Friday, July 18, 2008

Another Ride

Thursday afternoon, July 17, 2008
Cathy Cook, Kathy O. left Vicious cycle @ 5pm, headed toward Alabama Ave. and took a right onto co. road 25 (Old Sylacauga Hwy) picking up Sarah S. at the intersection of Fulton Gap Rd. continuing to the end of Co. road 25, took a right onto Center Hill Rd. We rode to the end at Hwy 280, crossed onto Flag Pole Mtn. Rd., crossed at intersection Co.45 went straight, left onto Meadow Lane Circle, left at stop sign onto Co. 45 to the end at the Childersburg BP station on the right, cut thru, and crossed 280 getting into turn lane for CACC, crossing Hwy 280 onto Fay S.Perry Dr., CACC on left, continuing straight as it turns into Bon Air Rd. At intersection of Limbaugh Rd. continue straight veer at end to left on Coleman Bridge Rd. then at stop take a right onto Pine Grove Rd. I take a right at Co. road 113 next to Pine Grove Baptist Church to take me home to Saturday Lane. The other two go straight to stop, take a left onto Odena Road (co.24) and right onto Spring Valley (up the HILL, and down, left and onto Twin Street, and both head to their respective dwellings.
This ride was to accommodate me, as I was car-less, and they were willing to ride "the road that must not be ridden" although they were coming from the correct direction for that time of day. It is going the opposite way on Co.25 (Old Syl. Hwy) to Alabama Ave. that is really treacherous as no car can see you around the mountain. Any ways. I did about 16 miles and the other two..add about 20 and 18 to their ride for anywhere from 30-32 or more miles.
It's a good ride for recovery, rolling hills, nothing too steep except for what we refer to as Twin St. hill. The word is out, I don't like going that direction on Pine Grove from Coleman Bridge Rd. - up hill, but it wasn't too bad and we had No Dog Chase on this route.
Bulletin just in: On Twin Street Hill (Spring Valley) going down, encountered phone truck veering into curve as cyclist was taking curve ...turned out fine, but do beware of vehicles bigger than you taking over your side of the road. The curve is a hard one at the end of a speeding descent! And road report: Some entity (most likely county road work) has patched this road in a most undesirable fashion leaving hard ripples of tar where you are cycling. BEWARE as they can knock you for a loop!
Reporting for this ride.
Sarah S.