Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Rides for this week...

Tuesday Morning Ride

We left (Kathy Cook, Kathy O.) from Vicious Cycle after 6. Kathy O. They headed down Alabama Av., then took a right on co.25 and headed toward Teksid (Nemak) and I met them there from my house. We headed toward Hwy280, took a right onto Fulton Gap Rd. co. 113 and passed my road, kept going, over railroad tracks and took a left onto Brown Rd. We went to the stop sign, checked for cars, took a left and a right at the bottom of the hill onto Limbaugh Rd. and went to the end, taking a right at stop onto Pecan Rd. Stop at stop sign, took left onto Coleman Bridge Rd. and went to Hwy 76 and took a right to Oakdale Rd. Stopped here briefly and then went straight, until we came to a left (?) which goes to Riser's Mill Rd. We took the left choosing to go up the hill, then right onto Riser's Mill, stopped and crossed Oakdale and head straight. At the church we take a right, cross bridge, then left onto the racetrack road, walk bikes across bridge and continue on to Odena Church. Kathy and Kathy headed back to Spring Valley Road (big hill) and Twin street, onto their respective destinations. It was 25 miles for me, as I headed back by Teksid (Nemak) and on to co. 25, Fulton Gap right and home on Saturday Lane. (did take in the big hill on Fulton Gap Circle). They road about 30-33miles. It was a great ride. I was on my road at 8:40a.m.

FootNote: The Twin Street Hill is being paved (Spring Valley Rd.) and so give it a few days

before riding it. The fellows were out with the truck and said that is what they

are doing.

Next ride: Wed. from Billy's @ 5:30 ?

Friday: We - whoever is joining for an early morning ride @ 6:30 from Oak Grove. We plan to go across 280, go around the airport, take a right at the end and the next right (the old Fayetteville Rd.) and go to the end, take a right go to Trader's Helper, take on the Hill, then circle around the lake, to Seven Sweet Gums, go left back to Chevron and then back to Oden's Mill road, cross, depending on energy level, take up the hill near the Community center or not, then head back.

Leaving early due to the heat. Some of us overheated women need the coolness of the morning!

Saturday: 6:30 from Vicious Cycle - Bull Gap?? slow as to check over road, etc.

Sarah Saturday