Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Sara and Kathy rode today...

I am going to include descriptions sent to me of rides members are doing through the week. I know many of you are riding and want to encourage everyone to get together for riding.

Sarah Saturday writes:

Kathy O. and I left Vicious Cycle about 6:40 a.m. and headed to Weogufka/Stewartville. We crossed Hwy 280 at the Chevron station. Then left onto Coaling Road. We took a right at the Y and continued on to the stop sign. Then we took a left at the bottom of the hill (you'd go right to go to Weogufka Family Worship Center) and a quick right. We came to a stop sign with Stewarville -fire dept. and then school on our right. We took a left (wonderful new asphalt which our bikes loved). Went to the Chevron? station on this side of Hwy 21. We stopped to rest/refresh as we had gone about 15-16 miles. It was 8a.m. and we headed back reversing the way we came. I was back at Billy's shortly after 9a.m. and Kathy rode home. It was a good ride of about 31 miles altogether. I love coming back the Coaling Rd. because it is a well-deserved downhill ride.

Sarah S.