Thursday, February 25, 2010

Marble City Centuries

Things are going along for the event. Right now I have a lot of folks willing to pitch in. I have a few things left to do but I have requested the ice cream and have t-shirts ordered. The ride is posted on major sites and I have emailed all the clubs round and about. Civitans has got the insurance for the event. Over the next week I'll get the forms printed for registering the day of the event. I'll get down to Fayetteville Water to get permission to put the rest stop on McGowan's Ferry. They always say yes. And I'll see the folks at Big Daddy's Chevron. We have permission to use the site in Weogufka for a rest stop. The Active site is up and running for online registration. The forms for pre-registration are getting a lot of views online. If anyone already has a gift certificate either in hand or promised by any of the local restaurants, please let me know. Otherwise, I'll ask for a pre-event get together a week or so before the event. Until then, stay in touch.


PS. Cheryl, please forward to Civitans...