Monday, September 13, 2010

Fwd: Time Trial--flyer with link

From: "Travis M. Sherman" <>
To: "Travis M. Sherman" <>
Subject: Time Trial--flyer with link
Date: Mon, 13 Sep 2010 09:18:17 -0500

I guess it would have helped had I placed the link to the site on
the flyer.

Red Mountain Wheelman and are teaming up to put on the Alabama
State Time Trial Championships to benefit the Special Education Department
in Columbiana!

Mark your calendar for the 2010 Alabama State Time Trial Championships! Two
categories to choose from: "Full On Aero" or "Eddy Merkx Style"!

What's this? Full On Aero is just like it sounds-bring all the aero stuff
you have! If you don't have a time trial bike, don't worry. You'll be in
the Eddy Merkx Style division. This means road bike and no clip-ons, no
aero wheels, etc....straight up.

If you can't make the race, you can "ghost ride" the event. Or, if you
don't want to race, you can just ride the course. All money raised will be
donated to the Columbiana Middle School Special Education Department. So,
don't be stingy!

Everyone is welcome, regardless of skill level, competitive desire or
discipline! Just bring a bike!

I'm looking for donations to be given out as door prizes, so please contact
me if you'd like to donate. No cash prizes to be given to the
winners...only pride and a medal to the state champions. I intend to have
multiple door prizes to give out, so regardless if you're a world TT
champion or just a novice, you have an equal chance of winning something!

I plan on the real winners being the students in the Special Education
programs. I also intend on making this an annual event, with next year's
event being a bit earlier in the season.

Any club, bike shop, organization, etc that would like to be involved is
more than welcome. Just let me know.

Please forward this to your lists so that maximum notice can be given.

Travis M. Sherman