Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Tour de Lake

Tour de Lake followed in the grand tradition of cold, rainy rides. Here we are in mid-May and the nights were in the 40's and the days were rainy. I think I am jinxed. the ride around the lake was very nice. We visited most of the day use or camping areas around it. The route was mostly smoothe with no real hills to speak of. I never got off the big chainring. There were a lot of folks but I really didn't find someone to ride along with. There was this one guy going on and on about gels and which one to use and all. I suggested he should use Cheez Whiz. He didn't think it was all that funny. Oops. I took the new C-class and rode down to the start. That was 8 miles 1 way. With the storms threatening, I just did the 50 mile loop. When it began to sprinkle and lightning flashed a few times, I made the call. With the extra miles I got in 65.99 miles so it was a metric century. Still a pretty good ride.