Monday, June 26, 2006

The Chalaka Criterium is over...

The big day has come and gone. We managed, against great odds, to put on what I believe was a credible criterium. There were so many obstacles that kept appearing it didn't look possible at times. But we did it!

Soon we will have another meeting of the criterium committee to finish up with loose ends. There are some refunds for the Road Race that need to be handled. And we have a Time Trial coming up we need to consider. I want to thank all the club members who came out and worked so hard to get everything done. There were non-members who contributed and I am grateful for their help, but our club members really made it happen. Everyone was willing and cooperated fully whatever they were asked to do. Since there are so few of us, there was no relief and folks had to stay on the job throughout the long hot afternoon. And then through the thunderstorm. And then on into the evening. You were great!

Travis Sherman really pulled through in getting the last minute officials for the race. In fact, Travis gave lots of help throughout the process. Without that help, there could have been no Criterium.

We received many positive remarks about the event and race course. There were some areas where we fumbled the ball but I believe we learned from them and can carry forward a better knowledge of how to make a first-rate event.

Now let's get back to riding! Monday evening rides up to Sycamore and back leaving Vicious Cycle between 5:30 and 5:45pm weekly are scheduled. It is high time we start getting in the Wednesday night Bull Gap ride. I suggest we get up a special Saturday ride event soon.

Thank you everybody for your involvement in the Chalaka Challenge Criterium!