Saturday, July 15, 2006

Ad augusta per angusta - to high places by narrow roads..

I found this expression on a page of latin quotations. It means to high places by narrow roads. That sounds like a theme for our bike club. Another translation is to success through trials. Although that makes a fine creed, I like the high places version. Boy does that seem so true because no matter which route we go, it always involves climbing hills. Today we went on a nice loop up through Pine Grove Road to Desoto Caverns Parkway. Paul and I made this same loop Wednesday and since I only had energy and time for 30 miles, planned to do it again. Today was even hotter than Wednesday. I almost said warmer. That would have been quite an understatement. While I escorted one of our riders back toward Sylacauga, the rest of the gang went on for a big loop. Probably 60 miles or more. I hope they enjoyed it.

Tomorrow Richmond will lead a ride up to Bull Gap. I don't know if Bull Gap rates a 4 on the Category scale used for the tour but it is certainly tough on all of us. I've had a lot of folks getting more interested in bike riding. That would be good if we could get them riding as well.

I got the tandem down to Billy's. I think it will ride some better with the modifications I received. I hope Bev and I can get some training rides in early next week so she can begin riding with to Sycamore on Monday evenings.