Sunday, July 16, 2006

Fortitudine vincimus - By endurance we conquer

Suffering. I think a lot of folks believe that there is a time or place when after conditioning and work, they can ride up hills and over distances with ease. This is a false hope. Cycling is suffering. As I have increased my endurance and strength, I thought I'd reach the place where I could mount the hills with ease and cruise the flats. To some degree I suppose it is true, but no matter how fit you feel, the climbs are always tall. There are always time when you wonder why you are out there. I've taken an awful lot of rides lately. Almost all of them have wound up exactly where I started from, geographically speaking. But I have traveled far in other days. I am fitter now than ever before. I have lost weight to my lowest level since my first years of marriage. Slowly by enduring the suffering, I have made this progress. It is well worth the trip. Now Beverly has taken up riding with me. We have a tandem bike and I can make up the difference in our comparative abilities. That in and of itself it a great comparator to life. Now this journey can carry us both along. I look forward to it.