Sunday, September 17, 2006

All you can eat century in Huntsville.

Bev and I camped at Monte Sano State Park Thursday and Friday so we could get up early Saturday morning and drive over to Gurley for the All You Can Eat Century. We didn't know what to expect. The last Century I rode in Huntsville was very hilly. This route went up through a valley and never offered very much in the way of high hills. The second half of the ride was a little hillier but over all it was flat. This would have been an excellent First Century. Our route was very scenic. Most of the time we were in farmland and passed by lots of pretty little houses and fields. The clear skies and cool morning temperatures made it quite enjoyable. Bev was apprehensive about riding the 50 mile route. It would be the farthest she had ever gone. But she came through fine. We met some friendly folks and had a nice spaghetti meal afterward. We'll do this ride again.