Sunday, September 03, 2006

The Autumn Classic in Montgomery

The club was well represented at the Autumn Classic Century in Montgomery: Denis, Josh, Jake, Paul, Kelly, Johnny, Scot, Sarah, Melissa, Eric, Bev and me. Bev and I rode the tandem and finished the 30 mile option in 2 hours. That gave us time to sample all the after-ride goodies then get back on the bike and add some more mileage. Scott, Sarah, and Melissa rode the Metric century. Everyone else rode the 100 miler. This was a first century for some of our group. This was a good ride for a beginning century. I’d say it was flat but there isn’t any such thing. Suffice to say it was rolling hills that weren’t nearly the challenge we normally ride here at home. The real challenge of this ride was the early wake up call that morning. That alarm went off at 4:10 am and it seemed we hardly got to sleep. Then we gathered behind the Barnett’s office and carpooled to the ride. If there was one thing I’d do differently, I’d take the RV. We finished our portion quickly but then waited for everyone else to come in. It was cooler than usual but still hot. If I’d had the RV, I could have gone inside and taken a nap.