Thursday, June 14, 2007

June 23rd Big Dirt Road Ride 8am Start

June 23rd Big Dirt Road Ride

I've been wanting to do a big mountain bike ride for some time. My original plan was to take the bikes up to highway 77 where Skyway Motorway crosses and ride back over Horn Tower to Bull Gap and home from there. The only problem I saw was having a lot of riders wanting to come and having to ferry all those bikes up to the start.

So I've come up with a plan B. I want to do a ride starting from the Bike Shop going out by Lake Howard and on through all the little trails and routes we normally do. The difference will be using the Forest Service Roads to connect them and add mileage. I propose riding out and looping Rocky Mount, back across 148 up White Gap, down the ridge of the mountain, and back in via the Big John-Trammell Road loop.

Let's plan on leaving that morning by 8am. If you are coming, let me know. I want to put a cache of water at a couple of spots in an ice-chest. The route I've picked will include some serious climbs. I've been testing out most of the sections and have a couple to check before then. I couldn't tell you exactly how many miles this may be but my best guess is 35.


PS: Johnny- Please forward this message on your mail list, I don't have all the addresses in my list. Thanks.