Thursday, June 28, 2007

this is one of the finest "what you can do" articles to address our global-warming lifestyle!

From the article:

...Following the shocking revelation that heat generated by vigorous exercise is a major contributor to global warming, we are all having to reassess our own activities. It comes as a major surprise to many of us that storing energy in human fat is actually a valuable way of reducing our impact on the environment. Government may be introducing plans to extract this fat by large-scale liposuction programmes and storing it underground, but we all have a responsibility to reduce our participation in ecologically hazardous physical activity.

Looking at my own lifestyle, it was easy to identify my cycling habit as a major problem. I'm only too aware of the amount of heat that cycling can generate but cutting down was not going to be easy, so six months ago I turned for help to my friend Jeremy. He has not cycled since he was a child and is a respectable three stone (1 stone = 14 lbs) heavier than me. He now runs a consultancy helping people like me to face up to and overcome our environmental deficit...

The above is an excerpt from Bob Williams' "How to Give Up Cycling"

I hoped somebody might get a laugh from this....