Friday, January 18, 2008

Lake Howard Trail

At our first meeting of the year we heard from the Forest Service about the Trail. Due to come obstacles Trails Unlimited is finding in Mississippi, they may be here the first of February to begin the trail. We discussed the responsibilities the club would assume in maintaining the trail. Some of us will have to attend Forest Service classes so that our work groups comply with FS guidelines. Once Trails Unlimited gets started, we will need to be prepared to get in to get the handwork portion done. We were told there is one bridge that may have to be put in. This could run thousands of dollars. There are grants available which could help with these costs. Also, we might find a corporate sponsor willing to help especially once we get a blueprint for the bridge and get started building the trail.

There continues to be a lot of excitement about the trail. I'm sure the club will come together on this project.