Tuesday, February 12, 2008

February meeting...

Bad news on Lake Howard Trail. Trails Unlimited was stalled on bridge work in Louisiana and went on to Texas. We thought they would come to Alabama next. But Louisiana got things straightened out so they are working there. We won't see them till April. The good news is the fact they will be coming. Also, they worked out a change in the layout that will avoid having to build a 22 foot bridge that was expected to cost several thousand dollars.

We discussed progress on the Metric Century. It looks like we've got lots of nice premiums to give away that day. Most of our logistic work is in place and we are getting volunteers for that day. All we need now is lots of riders.

A committee was appointed to seek new officers for the coming year. Anyone who would like to nominate someone contact Billy Beane. I recommend everyone who can to take a turn as an officer. It is a necessary and important part of participation. It is a great way to really see how everyone works and plays together.