Thursday, May 22, 2008


Today my Grandson David and I installed a couple of "bridges" on the Lep's portion of the trail. There where you turn left onto the new section tended to be water-logged and so did the little uphill at the end of the old logging road. I put a short section on each one to armor the approach to them. We had planned to also install a bridge in the first section down by the creek but a tree had fallen and blocked the road. We didn't have enough time to double back and drive around the other side. By the time we ferried the lumber down to those other sites, we were pretty beat. Bear in mind, David is 4 years old. So if you haven't tried those new trail options yet, we need you out there riding them to keep them clear of new growth. And if you ride it and appreciate the improvements, drop me an email and I'll pass the word along to David. He'd be tickled.